this is the story of us

Tricia has been sewing since she was a small girl and while living in New Jersey USA for a few years discovered the wonderful world of quilting. She joined as many classes as she could and was hooked; now she passes her knowledge onto her students and teaches many different techniques.

Karen is a self-taught artist and loves to make jewellery using crystals and polymer clay. It was at one of her classes that Tricia discovered she could not make a perfect round bead, she was extremely cross and squashed the bead flat… that was a “lightbulb” moment, the polymer button was born.

Karen and Tricia decided to go into the business of making bespoke handmade buttons and travelled to USA to take master classes to learn as much as they could about polymer. Karen now teaches polymer to students from beginners to advanced.

Tuliptree Designs was created after Tricia and Karen had been exhibiting at a trade show in Birmingham showing their hand made buttons. After the show over a couple of coffees, with very sore feet and aching backs they decided that they wanted to go it alone and have their own shop supplying the best quality fabrics, their own individually designed buttons and appliqué patterns all at affordable prices. Together they opened their shop in Roughton, Norfolk in March 2014 where they also have a studio teaching sewing, patchwork/quilting and Polymer clay.

You will find many buttons, beads and jewellery for sale in the shop, we also supply wholesale to other retail outlets. There is also a huge range of fabric for patchwork and quilting. It’s like stepping into a rainbow!

Steve was a long distance lorry driver, until one day he got stuck under a bridge… literally…..and life changed. He joined his sister Tricia and friend Karen in helping them and has not looked back. Who knew that he had the knack of cutting fabric and talking “stitching in the ditch”…with ladies.

Nina, an experienced quilter and keeper of many ducks and chickens, joined Tuliptree in 2015. She is now part of this family and brings us the best eggs in Norfolk….. She also teaches quilting and other quirky sewing projects.

So now you’ve “met” us…….we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the world of Tuliptree Designs.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5:00pm